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Monday, March 29, 2010

Asian inspirations

It's me! Your favorite fatty :S

Anywho, So much to say!

Last week I got my license, so I now drop off my mom to work in downtown and then drive to school. I love it! Way better than waiting on the city bus :/

Then saturday I had to wake up REALLY earl... erm- well early for a saturday :P But I was gonna apply to get my passport because of some plans for this summer that I will explain in a later update. Turned out the place was closed so I went walking around the mall with my parents.

Then later I get a text from.... let's call him Stan. (Stan is the friend I was in college classes last summer and the one that wanted to meet at the movies) Well, he tested and asked if my best friend and I would like to go to the movies. OMFG! Is that boy cute! *Starts day dreaming* (We saw "Hot Tub Time Machine" fyi)

oh... sorry... '^^

To wrap up this spectacular update :P As promised I want to show you all the outfit I'm gonna wear tomorrow at my Junior presentation. (Basically we're becoming seniors type of thing, but I didn't order a class ring, but a bracelet with my graduating year engraved on the inside.)

I love the Asian feel of this dress :)
This pic doesn't show the shoes in all their glory, but it was the best I could do...

Tell me what all you lovelies think of my outfit.

Until next time,

p.s. Lady Gaga is such thinspo for me! Especially in the music video "Telephone"


BlAnCh said...

hey hey
that all sounds like pretty good news :)
good to read a cheerful post, we're all kinda a downy bunch usually lol
love :)
stay strong

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

Congrats on getting your licence!! :D

Oooooh can I steal those shoes? PLEASE?! That outfit is gorgeous!