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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Doing something I haven't in a while

Oh hello there...  Nice yo see you in this neighborhood. *spring up Mr. Roger's tv show theme music*

Okay. I'll make a list of things that I intend to put here now so that I won't forget anything.
- Me and a gentleman caller
- Weight
- My attempt at recovery

1) Me and the gentleman caller ()
     Okay, I'll start with possibly the thing that most of you couldn't give two fucks about. I respect that, but if you do happen to want to know about my personal attempt at a love life (bahahaha... I am pathetic), then continue with this section.
     Well if you don't remember the guy that I told you back in the entry titled DONE! you can go there to get to see how this began a few months ago. Well any who, I think i have forgot to mention, but after he left to go back to Africa for summer vacation we weren't into much contact. I mean we would probably speak through Facebook chat once a week at the most. It was always impromptu but cool never the less. Quite honestly I didn't know what I should be thinking about him. I mean, am I just making most of the interest up in my head, or does he actually have interest in ME?

     Weeeeeelllll, on monday, all the athletes got to go back to my university to begin practicing for 3 weeks before the rest of us just go for classes. Well guess who surprises me with a text when he's back in the states? That's right, that same guy. (this is getting weird to call him "the guy"... I'll give him the fake name of Jay). Yup, so whenever he has free time from soccer practice he text me (so usually it's just for like an hour before he goes to bed).

     Should I be excited? I mean he's already said that we need to hangout and I agree, but it freaks me out. My friends always ask me how I feel about him, and honestly I don't know. I have NEVER felt good enough for anybody, so now having this possibility. It scares the fuck out of me.

well... 2 and a half more weeks until I get on campus and get to see what happens O_O

2 & 3) My weight and recovery (attempts)
     I would love to say that I have lost the last 40lbs that have kept me from my goal weight, but I have not. I have actually been at the same weight since I left school and flew back home for vacation. :/ I have been working out like a mad woman. Running 3 times a week, strength training and pilates on the days that I am not running. My eating has been awesome. Hardly any junk however.....

(this is where the recovery attempt comes in)

I have been at this same weight since my last year of high school (and that was with working out and restricting myself to 300 calories). I truly believe that I have fucked my metabolism up REALLY badly.
Therefor, I have decided that I am SLOWLY upping my calorie intake until it is at a healthy level.

Now, we all know that simply "eating more" will NOT fix my head. TRUST ME IT DOESN'T! It is so hard, but I am slowly trying this. (No one other than yall know about my food issues, so I am going solo on this whole "recovery" thing). I probably need to see a counselor to really get at the depth of my issues, but for now I don't have that. All I have is a recovery workbook online, and my slow calorie increases.

Results? (I started this "recovery" on the beginning of June)

Eating more and doing pilates has really helped me to tone. I have not lost weight on the scale, but I see more muscle that refused to get there before.

So I don't know how this is going to last when I go back to university and have stress and such again, but we will just have to see...

okay... I think that was everything. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tell me them.
It's 2:30 a.m. so I'm gonna to crash in bed now.

Until next time,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Randomly texting

Good morning sexual...

(I fell very Jenna Marbles-y at 1am)

Anywho, where have I been, home mostly. Just sitting around bored. :/

     Worked finished about 2 weeks ago and since then I have really had NOTHING to do. I have taken to Netflix and occasionally trollin on Omegle. (If you are not familiar with the site, it's like Chat Roulette, but has more emphasis on instant messaging strangers rather than video chatting.)

     On the site I really like to type of the lyrics to Hello by Lionel Richie. It's fun cause most of the time it's just a bunch of horny teen guys. The song reference just goes over their head. Once in a while I will run across someone who gets it and we'll have a really great conversation.

   This brings me to now... I happened to start talking to one random guy on the site. Now we are texting. It's interesting cause I don't know if it is just a thing with guys on this site, or a guy thing in general, but he wanted topless pics of my boobs.

    OOOOHHHHH BOY! He was barking up the wrong tree. I am not the type of woman to do such things. I mean even if I liked my body I wouldn't do such a think. I mean SERIOUSLY!

   I told him this and for some odd reason we are still talking. :/ I can imagine that after a while he will, but whatevs it's a good cure for boredom while it last.

Until next time
- Vizzy