My Life's Scrapbook

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot hot hottie!

        Ok... this is out of the ordinary for me, but I just have to do it. I'm usually not attracted to most guys but when I see a really REALLY cute one... I just have to let everyone know.

        As you all know, I'm still down here in Acapulco, Mexico teaching math. When I came last year I was the math intern and physics teacher. Last year, we would go out dancing every weekend. It was a blast! At our favorite club, we meet this one guy who worked there a.k.a. "the hottie". He said we must be related because we have the same skin color and hair. (I can pass for a puerto rican).

        We yesterday after having dinner with our boss lady, we were walking down the coast home. All of a sudden we see "hottie" there talking to his friends. He didn't recognize my bff, but did a double take on me because the hair gives me away. My hair is very unique pretty much everywhere. So we decided to stop and say hi and he asked us if we were gonna go out, but we couldn't because there is work today :( I wanted to scream "yes! Let's hang out" but I didn't. :'(

When we walked away, our boss tried to make the situation awkward by asking "Who was that? I don't remember seeing him in any of the pictures." I didn't deny knowing him at all because it's not like I had sex with the guy, I just danced with him last year.

Well here's a picture with "the hottie" that was taken last year:

Well this has been my rant on "le hottie" (my poor attempt at french XD).
Thank you for putting up with it. You deserve every drop of my gratitude if you read this entire post.

- Vizzy

Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing out

OMFG! I feel like I have been missing so much about you all. :(
I'm way behind on reading everyone's blogs and haven't even thought of writing here because I've been SO freaking busy.

I'm working here in Acapulco, Mexico teaching math. Being a teacher is such freaking tough stuff! Making lesson plans, homework, test, AND doing it all in spanish. Blah... (I love spanish, but it's just not my first language. I learned english first because my dad doesn't speak it, so my mom mostly spoke english.) Oh, well... free practice before I have to start studying it again in college.

Well speaking of college. While I'm working, I am also trying to juggle in scheduling my college courses. I'm taking a freshman seminar type class (Creating Monsters (just a study on how society has come to create and dictate who and what is the definition of a monster)), Psychology 100 (I figure my college won't take the credit I had before because I didn't have a laboratory section to the course) and finally I'm taking Culture of the Spanish Speaking World (Specifically only the study of Mexico and Central America).

The times seem fairly reasonable, so let's see how I really survive once I'm in the middle of it :S

oh... Now about the food situation here down in Mexico. It's good, but I guess that it mean's it's a band situation? I've lost my grasp on the normality of eating.

To put it simply... after having not lost weigh in about 3 months... the weight is FALLING off me here. I can look in the mirror and I'm pretty sure I see a flatter stomach (My mind wants to tell me I'm still huge and that I'll never lose, but my clothes are disagreeing.) It's only been 2 weeks, but my shorts are very much loser (good thing I brought some belts, I suppose).

Now here's why the situation is good and bad. Bad because I'm getting my restricting tendencies REALLY intensely. (Even with a 8 week purge free streak I am REALLY getting those thoughts.) I tell myself things like:
- "Oh, well I might as not eat cause there aren't many vegetarian options."
- "It just seems like too much work to throw something together to eat".
- "Might as well save my money for college".
THOSE THINGS SUCK! If it were my sister in my situation I would tell her to really get some professional help.

But on the other hand, I'm so screwed in the head that I'm thinking of things like "Yes! The weight is finally dropping again".

If this is any indication of how I will be in college... I don't know weather to laugh or cry...

Well, I'll let yall go and live your merry life's.

Until next time,
- Vizzy