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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spaghetti monster!!!!

Hello out there... out there... out there.

Hehehehe. There's an echo in here :P

I'm still in lovely Acapulco teaching this children physics. Most of the grades on the first test were amazing! Only 4 out of 14 did poorly.

I'm still being my usual thrifty self. Yesterday we were supposed to meet "D" at a bar/ restaurant. We couldn't find her so we went to the shopping center accross the street because everyone else was getting hungry.

I decided to not get anything b/c :
1) the night before I had ice cream (I decided to let mysef have ONLY 1 naughty thing a week while I'm down here)
2)I didn't see any good vegetarian meals
3) I wasn't hungry (I had a big apple an hour before we left)

So they all ate some meaty crap (blahhhhh). We meet up with D eventually and she invited us to get "drinks". So we crossed the street once again and got to a bar that made mixed beer drinks. I felt like the odd duck out like usual because I don't drink. Oh well.

I think I figured out the reason why I personally never ever want to drink. A couple of years ago, I was at an uncles wedding when a different uncle pulls me out of my seat and forced me to dance with him. He was drunk. It just felt..... wrong. Like he was getting a little to frisky. I think it just fucked me up mentally.... *shivers*

ugh. ok. back to today. Since today was a day that the parents bring lunch for everyone, I brought my own pb&j on rick cakes for my lunch. I had that and then was informed that the parent made plain spaghetti and was putting the meat on it once it was served. So basically I could have some.... >_< I can't even remember the last time I had spaghetti but that records broken :( i ate about a half cup serving but I felt like purging SOOOOOOO badly. Then I though of all of yall and how I kept bingeing because of my old purging mentality and I, for lack of better words, kept it all down.

Were supposed to go to the park with the kids today for an hour so I'm definitely gonna be "playing" a lot harder then the rest.

Well I hope to hear from yall soon. So many of yall have not been blogging recently. :(


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

!Viva la mexico!

Bienvenido a Mexico :P (Welcome to Mexico... sort of.)

Sorry to have not posted in so long. I'm down in Mexico and the internet is kinda sucky from i am staying.

I'm down here being the physics teacher/math intern. So that's fun :P I feel kinda sad for the kids cause they have to hear my spanish. i'm not bad (hell, i'm half hispanic), but not perfect at speaking it. I'm just better at understanding it. Damn my refusal to talk when I was younger! :P 

I've been down here for 5 days and let me tell you that trying to eat for me down here is kinda hard.... which is a wonderful thing! Because I'm still a vegetarian, it is the perfect excuse that I tell my "roommates". Plus I'm kinda cheap, so I don't like to go to restaurants to by a 6 dollar vegetarian meal. It's just not worth it. So I just went to the grocery store here and bought plain oatmeal, cinnamon, sugar substitute, granola bars, eggs (i only like to eat the whites b/c it all protein and hardly any cals) cabbage, rice cakes, jelly, peanut butter. 

I had to get the last 3 recently b/c thursdays and tuesdays we have to bring our own lunch. For example, today one of the moms brought lunch for everyone, but it was mainly a meat dish, so I got away with just having lettuce with a little sour cream and cheese.

It's good being a vegetarian :P

I haven't been able to work out other than the occasional secret push-ups in my room. It's ok though. We are staying in a tourist part of Acapulco so there are tons of shops down the main street, but we have to walk EVERYWHERE.

There's no scale but I better be losing weight or I will be pissed off. Every time i look in the mirror I still feel fat though. *sigh* I miss my scale :(


p.s. this is really long. sorry but I just emailed "Perfecting My Emptiness" and it was super detailed so I decided to be lazy and just copy the majority of the message here. XD

Saturday, July 3, 2010


"I ain’t gonna take no shit from no one,
I ain’t gonna take no lip from no one,
You ain’t gonna try to get me to hold on,
It’s golden now,
Why would I slow down?

I can do anything, anything, anything I want,
anything, anything, anything I want,
anything, anything, anything I want,
It’s golden now
Why would I slow down?"

Good song. i LOVE the whole new 3OH!3 album Streets Of Gold. Check it out :)

Ok. Now it's honesty hour! Ugh.

I'm am a fucking FATTY! After a day of bingeing last wednesday I have been eating "normally". I mean like 1000-1700 cals for the past 3 days.


I feel huge bloated and fat. I haven't even weighted myself in nearly a week cause I feel so ashamed.

I need to pull an emergency fast! I'll probably have to detox before i go in to a straight water fast, so if I need to tomorrow, I'll only have veg or fruit. Then it's water, coffee, and tea for as long as I can continue.

How have you all been? Hopefully better than me and becoming even more gorgeous than you already are. :)

Until next time,

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Help me support suicide prevention!!!!!

hey everyone I'm just making this brief.

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