My Life's Scrapbook

Monday, November 16, 2009

Theses streets will make you feel brand new.

Well I can't quite remember what I last said in my blog. Opps :S
Having a youtube and a blog can get confusing cause I sometime feel like I've said something here, but I might have only vlogged it on youtube. Oh well.

Well I'm still in that dangerous quite place in my mind, but slowly sinking.

Last weekend I did not binge, but just ate more than I allow myself during the week. I have been pretty regular about my exercising getting a MINIMUM of 90 minutes a week and always taking the stairs at school plus strength training 3 times a week.

Oooo... Tomorrow there is something going on at my school for the people in my grade and my parents. It isn't gonna be until about 7, but I'm going to stay there until the meeting because it would be pointless for me to get home at 5:30 just to go back at 6:30. Two good things come from this:
1 I can get my homework done because i won't get distracted like i do at home
2 I can tell my parents "Oh, I already ate at ______name of a restaurant________" but in reality really get away without having to worry about that pressure of being expected to eat :)

That it for now,