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Monday, June 10, 2013

It's never easy to say goodbye

Well yesterday I had to say goodbye and it was not easy. What's sucks even more is that I know that it won't get any easier.

So if you don't know, or have forgotten, I have been dating my boyfriend J for about 7 months now. We began dating at my college, it was my sophomore year and he was here to study abroad for a year and improve his english. We both came into the relationship VERY honestly and very hesitantly since we knew that his time in the US was limited.

Despite our efforts to not get totally emotionally devoted to one another... we fell in love anyway -_-
I am so in love with him and he makes me happy, makes me sad though that I can't have him with me. Just yesterday he left me. Off back to France. A time difference of 7 hours!

Texting (when he turns his phone back on) might get expensive. Skype is always free, but limited in when we can use it conveniently for both of us. I think every once in a while I will send him a letter through snail mail (just find it to be a little more intimate and shows an extra sign of caring). But nothing can really make up for the closeness of having someone with you. :(

I have kinda been a mess, but hopefully it will get better as time goes on and I continue to talk with J. I hope that coming this winter vacation time I can visit him in France or he can come and visit me in the US.

That is 5 months from now though :'(


Plus the research that I am planning to do this summer doesn't look good because the other school I wanted to collect data from denied my proposal. Fuckers! And they didn't even tell me why. Ugh! Whatever. Hopefully my mentor can help me figure out what the fuck to do from this point.

So basically life has been the same and just fucks me over. Damn

- Vizzy