My Life's Scrapbook

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm not dead

Though y'all probably wouldn't know it unless you follow me on tumblr or we talk in other ways.

Oooooo my God! So much has happened to me in the last 3 months at school that it just makes my head spin. First, like usual, I will say that I am a failure blogger for I suck at blogging at a regular pace, but whatever. I do what I can.

I don't want to take up to much of y'all's lives, so I will keep this post short and sweet and up date y'all on the biggest happening of my life.

Sooo, I have a boyfriend. As in my first boyfriend EVER! Took 20 fucking years to reach this point but finally I am here. Y'all remember in my last post how I was kinda interested in Jay? Yea... Well after all the flirting and talking over the summer, I think he just liked the chance. I don't think he ever was interested in more. Whatever. I'm not gonna say that it didn't hurt, but whatever, I can just focus on being his friend now since I had a different guy to be my beau. ^_^

 Now, I met my current boyfriend at a Halloween party. So romantic right? :P anyway. I was pretty drunk after many rum shots so I said yes when he asked me to dance and even kissed him when he leaned in. Later we stepped out cause he wanted my cell phone number. He tried to get me to go to his dorm with him, but NO, I was out with my roommate and had the keys on me. Plus I wasn't gonna  go with this guy that I just met. He just walked me to my door and that was that.

I wasn't expecting anything more to come out of that night, but he surprised me by calling me the next day. Ever since then we had been texting sporadically. Then closer to the end of the term, hung out a few times (watching movies, talking.... Kissing, yes a lot of good kissing) hehehe

Anywho, he had ALWAYS been very honest with me. I mean on that first night we met, he had told me how he is only studying in America for one year, and that he didn't want a relationship. I completely respected that, but I feel like even so, we began getting closer and closer. On the night before I was going to come back home for winter break, I was with friends, but then left to see him. We went to his room to have some privacy since his roommate was already gone. Long story short... That was my first time having sex and it was wonderful. No not just because it was sex and it feels good, but it was honest. No presence, no show, just two people that like each other.

The next morning I had to get my luggage, so he woke me up since he put an alarm on his phone. We headed to my room and he helped me take my stuff.

Since I got home we had just continued to text and IM on Skype. Then one day the conversation turned to the night we were together. He said "I don't want you sleeping with other guys". I had responded  jokingly with "oh are you just trying to keep me all to yourself?" Well we ended up deciding that we were gonna start dating! (And yes he agreed not to be with other girls, so it's not like he was just trying to limit me. No need to hurt him yet for my honor :P)

I am so excited cause I really do like him, just kinda sad that when we officially start dating, I had just flown back home -_- oh well. We have text and Skype to keep us in touch until I get back in December. I'm gonna go back a bit early so I can hangout with him and we are gonna visit Chicago :)

Soooo yea. My life has changed SO much, but I think it's all for the better.

Until next time,