My Life's Scrapbook

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy as a bee

Sorry I really haven't been able to keep you updated. (if anyone reads this... does anyone read this?)

I have shits load of home work and not enough time to do it all.
Just to sum up the ABC diet: I was doing really well the first week, but then I had to go to a friends party and no knows that I suffer, so I put on a facade. Basically that triggered a very binge filled weekend, but I am whipping myself back on track. I'm not strictly following the ABC because I have a certain limit of calories that I have set for myself but the ABC diet is sort of a weird guide... :S

Meh. No time to explain myself. I'll try to vlog this weekend and put it on youtube, but no promises.

Until next time,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's easy as 123

Hello Hello my lovely/ handsome followers (if anyone follows),

School's been a bitch in a way that takes up ALL my time, so my exercise has been slacking (for my standards).

If anyone is triggered by numbers please don't highlight the next section, otherwise highlight to see.

hw: 260
cw: 166ish
lw: 162
gw: 123

Ok... So obviously I have lost A TON of weight, but I have so much more to go. Since I'm feeling pretty confident and have eaten only triple digit in the amount of calories, I'm going to start the ABC diet tomorrow! I hope I can lose at least 10lbs.

Well. Until later,