My Life's Scrapbook

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, last night happens to be filled with a couple of first for me.

So my best friend is visiting me here at my college because she has spring break. (I start classes tomorrow).


A mutual friend of ours is in a fraternity and we decided to hang out with him in his frat house. We go over and I decide "FUCK IT" I'm gonna drink. (Mind you I have NEVER drank alcohol EVER in my 19 years of life).

Nothing bad happened I didn't get sick. I really kept myself in check and I'm proud. (Something that was probably keeping me in check was the fact that alcohol has calories and my ED needs to keep shit in check. I guess it worked out for the best this time :D)

Well... later they ask if I wanna smoke Hookah. Once again I decide "Fuck it! Why not." It actually wasn't that bad. It was mango flavored which is good.

Then we just stayed up talking till 6 a.m. so we crashed at the frat house. (I also forgot the keys to my dorm so it was a bonus :P)

My best friend got kinda extra friendly with one of the guys in the fraternity so I was kinda worried for her, but the guy does seem nice and respectful. Basically he wouldn't do anything that she said no to. (But knowing her and the shit she has been going through, she can go further and further.) I know she has to make her own decisions and I really have no control over what she does, but she's my best friend. I can't help but worry you know?

Anywho, my first hookah and drinking experiences were okay, but I really can't see myself doing that regularly. Just not my thing.

- Vizzy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you Leigh and Peri for the kind words.

After the b/p session I just sat in the shower for an hour with the hot water running on me. Just 2 finals and a paper left in these next 4 days. :/

I have eaten okay so far today and I'm gonna go to the gym tonight to work off some steam.

Take care!
- Vizzt

When the finals are on their way...

the eating disorders come out to play.

I hate this shit.

- Vizzy