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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stream of Consciousness Update (2 years overdue)


So, it's been like 2 years or something since I've last posted an entry on this blog. Holy shit!

How you been, reader? You good? I know we haven't been talking much and I apologize, but you know... sometimes life just happens and puts you on a different course with new normals. Unfortunately, blogging hasn't been one of my regular activities for a while now, and I can't promise to be super active again. However, I would like to be on here periodically. Maybe I'll set the goal of one entry a month to test the waters.

idk, We'll see.

So, how have I been? Man, that's a loaded question. So much has happened and I'm at such a different point in my life.

- I've graduated undergrad
- Did another summer internship in the east coast with kids with mental disorders
- Got accepted to all the grad schools I applied to
- Started my 2yr social work graduate studies at Boston College
- Moved from undergrad (Illinois) to grad school (Massachusetts)
- Visited my fam and friends in Texas over breaks

Yea... I've had some big fucking life transitions since I've last blogged. It's been fucking real as fuck! There are aspects of my life now that I love and aspects that I look forward to just moving past for instance: I love getting to learn about social work and therapy and trauma (basically just learning about all the real struggles that people go through and how to help them). HOWEVER, I'm not a fan of having the stress of papers and conceptualizing all this vast knowledge I've learned into some pages of text just to prove that I've learned. Fuck that academia bullshit.

I wanna prove what I've learned in real life. I look forward to working in the field and getting to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

So yeah. That's where I've been, if you've been interested. I've just been trying to learn how to impact people's lives beyond even more than I will ever know. So, no pressure, right?

Anyway... thanks for being with me through this stream-of-consciousness type of talk. Hope you all stay well, and until later...