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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

!Viva la mexico!

Bienvenido a Mexico :P (Welcome to Mexico... sort of.)

Sorry to have not posted in so long. I'm down in Mexico and the internet is kinda sucky from i am staying.

I'm down here being the physics teacher/math intern. So that's fun :P I feel kinda sad for the kids cause they have to hear my spanish. i'm not bad (hell, i'm half hispanic), but not perfect at speaking it. I'm just better at understanding it. Damn my refusal to talk when I was younger! :P 

I've been down here for 5 days and let me tell you that trying to eat for me down here is kinda hard.... which is a wonderful thing! Because I'm still a vegetarian, it is the perfect excuse that I tell my "roommates". Plus I'm kinda cheap, so I don't like to go to restaurants to by a 6 dollar vegetarian meal. It's just not worth it. So I just went to the grocery store here and bought plain oatmeal, cinnamon, sugar substitute, granola bars, eggs (i only like to eat the whites b/c it all protein and hardly any cals) cabbage, rice cakes, jelly, peanut butter. 

I had to get the last 3 recently b/c thursdays and tuesdays we have to bring our own lunch. For example, today one of the moms brought lunch for everyone, but it was mainly a meat dish, so I got away with just having lettuce with a little sour cream and cheese.

It's good being a vegetarian :P

I haven't been able to work out other than the occasional secret push-ups in my room. It's ok though. We are staying in a tourist part of Acapulco so there are tons of shops down the main street, but we have to walk EVERYWHERE.

There's no scale but I better be losing weight or I will be pissed off. Every time i look in the mirror I still feel fat though. *sigh* I miss my scale :(


p.s. this is really long. sorry but I just emailed "Perfecting My Emptiness" and it was super detailed so I decided to be lazy and just copy the majority of the message here. XD

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