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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh! I've been bitten by the optimism bug!

Hello hello,

Well I need do do this fast because I have so much to do before I start school once again tomorrow.

OK, About the movies, The plans fell through because my bff was out of town so we'll do it another time.
This is good because it gives me time to lose needed weight... woot!!

Now, I gotta get my ass in gear! I have a junior presentation at the end of the month and I bought a GORGEOUS asian like dress and BEAUTIFUL black peep toe heals (I should take a picture :D ) Now the dress is just slightly snug and showing some lumps I'd rather disappear. So this is great thinspiration! YAY! 

I was so busy cleaning today, that I was able to avoid eating until dinner, but thankfully we were just having salad (well my mom made corn bread, but i didn't have any.)

So I'm happy with the cals!!!!!

Incase yall haven't noticed, I'm feeling mighty optimistic about all of this. Ana is on my side and I know she'll get me to my goal. AND I'll get my license tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! (hopefully school doesn't kill my mood like it always does...)

Well, update! yall are my friends and I wanna hear what's up with all of you!

Soon to be thin,


Perfecting my Emptiness said...

i am soooo happy for you...really is great:)i will tell you by e-mail how it worked or rather how it didn't work with the psiho:)
i don't wanna kill your good mood:*
I hope the best for your goal:X:X:X

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like things are good for you atm :) I'm very pleased for you. Good luck with your goal and please do post a picture of the dress and heels for us, they sound gorgeous :P

Lillie xx