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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I can't get no satisfaction...

Well, I feel like my cals have been.... ok this week. 

For the last two days I had been REALLY busy so I wasn't able to track my cals until this morning :S That had me eating as little as possible and over estimating EVERYTHING!

Tip: If forced to go to Starbucks, just order a regular coffee (decaf if you prefer) and add in splenda or equal in the little condiments bar. This way you can have a darn near 0 cal drink compared to some of the fancy crap that has 200+. 

After having the coffee my family and I went to this college conference thing, lunch was offered.  Well, luck me, all they had were Quizno's turkey sandwiches, original lays potato chips,  and a chocolate chip cookie. I do not like any of those things. I don't just mean I don't like them because of ana, but I honestly hate them. I'm a vegetarian so the sandwich was out, never have liked any of the original flavored chips (if they were cheese ect. i'm not sure if I would have been strong or if my parents would have let me get away with not eating them). This is the weirdest of them all. I could possible be the only person in the WORLD that doesn't like chocolate chip cookies. I just can't stand them. HOWEVER! If you gave me chips ahoy.... can we say hello binge and purge.  Chips ahoy have just alway tasted amazing!

Yes i'm weird.... I just spent a whole paragraph talking about food... so sue me!

Well according to the scale yesterday morning, I am a consistent person. This infuriates me! I don't want to be stuck at this same freaking weight!

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-TheInvisibleDisorderedOne "Vizzy"


Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

I've been merely maintaining as well, love...and I know it's frustrating. The weekend saw me eating (not overeating, fortunately) but not counting, and this worries me. Tomorrow's weigh-in should be... exciting? Can't quite find the word for it.

Chocolate ANYthing is my downfall, chips or otherwise. Way to go you for avoiding lunch (and fancy coffee drinks!) ;)

Stay lovely, Vizzy, and hang in there. We'll get there!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Vizzy. Heehee :D

No time for a big mammoth comment today, but I'm sure your weight will start dropping again soon. Mine either sticks at one stupid number for AGES or drops like 8 pounds in a week.

Love you, twinnie!

that crazy chick said...

Give it time, you'll lose the weight. Sometimes it'll plateau for a while. Idk why. :P I know it stinks. Hmm... maybe you could try some cinnamon to kick up your metabolism?