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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow... I really... wow.

You could say I'm still in shock. I just found out that one of our own, Della is ending her blog. Her parents discovered her blog, so she has to delete the blog tomorrow.

Della is like my sister. We have so much in common, and it kills me to think i may never read one of her witty puny blogs. A true ray of sunshine here on bloggerville.

And I know that it's complicated
But I'm a loser in love, so baby
Raise a glass to mend
All the broken hearts
Of all my wrecked up friends

I'll never talk again
Oh boy you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless, so speechless

And I'll never love again, 
Oh! friend, you've left me speechless
You've left me speechless, so speechless

To Della,
I love you and will miss you! Please be safe and try to email me if possible. 

*sigh* I really need time to let this soak in. Excuse me if I do not post in awhile. I don't tend to take departs to well. Though, do comment and I will read them and possible reply. I just can't think what the future holds right now... everything is just a hazy shade of winter...

Numb, confused and sad,


ali Bella said...

i KNOW!!!!! i'm so sad that Della has to leave. its so depressing! she was one of my best friends in this world! gosh, im gonna miss her! :(

sylvie said...

i only just discovered her blog a few days ago, and i LOVED reading the few posts that i did. she's HILARIOUS, and only made more funny by her honesty.
this is utter bullshit.
i really hope she finds a way back.

Phantasmagorical Delusion said... god. Really? I ... I am in complete shock and disbelief...Here I've been counting and hating the days that she's been unable to be here, and I've missed her so much and I can't get through my daily life without thinking of her at LEAST once, but more often much more than that. I don't... know what to do with myself.

She has to come back. I don't even have her email. :(

Heartbroken is right. God, she is so much to everyone. I don't know how I'm going to be without her.

InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

Even though our hearts our breaking... I really hope she CAN recover. I love her so much that I want her to get to the point when she complete loves her body. I HOPE WE ALL CAN!

The main thing that is making me sad is that parents think that cutting the "disorder" person off from the community that understands her (us) will help.

I know I felt UTTERLY alone and suicidal before I met each and every one of you. Not that life is peach mow (i still cut, purge ect.) but I'm not planning my own death every single day.

We will see where fate takes Della.

BlAnCh said...

NO!!! I cant believe it.. i didnt even know... this is so awful!!
worst news i've heard in a while... hope shes alright. shed need us more now than ever... being discovered like that... :(

Jen said...

I miss Della so much!
I hope she's okay! It must be so hard when your parents find out.. Poor Della, we love You honey <3

Jen x

Kate said...

Ditto. If you read this, Della - e-mail me at :'(

mia said...

BlAnCh said...

where are you. its been 2 weeks. im worried... guess im paranoid cuz feels like everyones leaving. i miss u. hope you're alright - love

Vampire said...