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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life's a game and but its not fair,
I break the rules so I don't care,
So i keep doing my own thing,
Walking tall against the rain,
Victory's within the mile,
Almost there don't give up now,
Only thing thats on my mind

is "who's gon run this town tonight?"
- Run this town by Jay-Z ft. Rihanna

So how are all of you ovlies lovelies? (I might just be dyslexic :S)

Well, after being "ok" monday-wednesday, I had this huge binge thursday.
I didn't breakfast like usual, (especially because I knew I was going to have a meeting at school where "lunch was provided"). When I got there I saw that all they had was sandwiches. Since I'm a vegetarian I thought I could get away with eating nothing, but then they made me get chips and cookies. :( From that I just kinda continued the binge at home.

I was so pissed off with myself that I decided that friday I would fast. Unlike my last time, I was SUCCESSFUL! It has been 36 hours. Woot! Woot!

This brings me to the lyrics. Now I remember this song being played during the super bowl. The part I bolded gives me SO much strength, so I posted it to encourage some of you.

We're almost there!

p.s. I've been chatting with an Ana buddy and she has lost 5lbs with the 2468 diet. I believe the key is calorie variation. That is my goal. rather than binge/purge, my next goal is reasonable calorie variation like the 2468.


addicted to life said...

2468!?!?!?! Isn't it too hard?
Which diet plan do you mean my 2468?
Day I:200
Day II: 400
Day III: 600
Day IVL 800


Day I: 1200
Day II: 1400
Day III: 1600
Day IV: 1800


InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

I was meaning 200, 400, 600, 800.

I mean, my cals can get up there when I binge, but I could never handle actually planning on eating 1,800. The weight would come on SO fast :(

Vampire said...