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Friday, March 4, 2011

run fat girl run.

That's the cheer that was going on in my head today while I was running outside. I usually NEVER run outside because I have a little rule against public-displays-of-perspiration, but the weather has been SO gorgeous here, I just had to get out rather than be a little gerbil on the treadmill in the garage.

I actually went faster than what I do on the treadmill, but it was a push. It's a little more difficult because you are propelling yourself rather than getting assistance from the moving belt of a treadmill.

But, back to the cheer's in my head. I steped on the scale today to weigh in, but to my fucking surprise the damn thing is the same since my 7lbs loss 2/3 weeks ago.

WHAT THE FUCK! I'm doing the ABC and running like a dog. My clothes are getting loser. COME ON, UNIVERSE. Work with me, not against me.


I hope that you are all becoming exactly the beauties yall envision yourselves as.

Until next time,


rivercat said...

My Dad works with people who have eating disorders so I'm familiar with all the fad diets. The idea is to trick people into just eating less and doing more and they do it depending on the psychological profile of the patient.
Some skinny girls I know swear the one that really works is the sick diet where you just make believe youre sick and eat the sick foods only. Tea, light calorie soup, rice, crackers, no bread, carrots and egg whites cooked with only half the yolk for protein. Thats it no exceptions for a week, then a couple days off and back and forth like that for about a month. You are unlikely to pig out on that stuff.I dont think its OK'd by any doctors and I am not saying anyone should try it. Im just saying Ive heard that it works and was interesting. Good luck and nice blog.

Diablesse said...

Im a doctorate student in Clinical Psychology so i'm learning in depth about all that stuff. Your blog really allows me to understand what its like
Can I ask you though,
what do you mean by doing the ABC?
And im a new blogger so i constantly look for blogs i like