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Monday, April 19, 2010


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Well now my cals are rounded up to 800 because my mom decided to buy ice cream. GAH!

I can't wait to go to college where, hell, I'll be to broke to buy ANY food. Gym memberships are free for students ;)

Well... idk. I feel huge. I really need to exercise like crazy. Anybody got good recommendations of free exercise vids you have found?

I really like the Tea Bo Cardio

This will get you sweating! It's awesome!

Tell me what yall do.

Gotta go.
Until next time,

p.s. Still reading Hunger Point, so review in the near future.


Lillie said...

Hello, that taebo thing looks pretty cool, I might try it out a little later. I normally just treadmill for and hour to two and a half hours, then cycle for half an hour too. I wish our gym was free for students because it would make my life a hell of a lot easier next year.
Anyway, don't worry about the icecream. I try never to eat it because I know how bad it is and...urghh. Everyone slips up sometimes :)
Keep strong!!
Lillie x

Perfecting my Emptiness said...

vizzy...i am getting really nervous about your silence...did something happen?i am overly paranoid, i know...but just to be sure, email me.
Sorry if i am too nosy.
Love is in our scars and bones