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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh my!

WOW! I have been awarded...

This is exciting. Thank you Peri for being such a wonderful person in my life.

Okay. On to 7 things I like and 5 people I shall share this award with.
    1) I am awesome in bed. I can sleep for hours! (Yea... I know where some of your minds went XD)

    2) I can not go long spaces of time without singing/playing ukulele/guitar... basically any form of musical expression.

    3) Sometimes I procrastinate buy buying things for great deals online. I have been staying warm because of my awesome buys (but now that I have my warm necessities... i don't think I can do this for the rest of my college career :( )

    4) Sometimes I love watching people do the craziest shit. (This works exceptionally well at parties.) It's kinda funny AND I actually remember all the stupid stuff they did, while they don't.

    5) I love my tattoo and am DYING to get a new one! Spring break, come faster.

    6) I'm glad to be really bonding with two of the girls in my dorm. We are all wonderfully antisocial most of the time so it works out :)

    7) I really like the feeling after a workout. That feeling on invincibility, weird I know, but this is me. :)

Now, I share this with:
Sweet pea
and my last person is any one that feels like procrastinating :)



PerfectingMyEmptiness said...

aww, i am the first one mentioned. Thank you thank you thank you. What do I have to do now?

Anonymous said...

'Ello luv, new follower here! I loved reading this! I think that's awesome you can play the ukulele- I bet it sounds so pretty! I can play a bit of guitar, but not much! I'm antisocial for the most part as well, but I'm trying to get over that and break out of my shell and become more outgoing. The feeling after a workout is the best! Before the workout, you're all, "Ugh...but I don't wanna! I'm too tired, too busy, etc." Then after it's all over you're like, "I made that workout my b*tch :D"

Any you nominated me?! O.o ...seriously?! Why thank you so much!! I feel honored! ♥

Peridot (G+P) said...

Can you post a video of you playing Ukelele? The best thing I've seen lately is someone playing "Still Alive" on the Banjo. It instantly made the instrument Badass!

(Now I have the Deliverance theme in my head. FUUUUU-)

Post-workout endorphins are the BEST. I need to exercise more often >.<

Those were awesome things :D Yay for awesome things and yay for awesome Vizzy!

*massive hugs*


sweet pea. said...

oh my.
i dont even know what to say.
thank you