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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year... New rant

I'm not too big on the whole New Year's Resolution thing
but I have to admit that I did make goals for last year.
In 2011 I:
- I successfully began to read up on and just general research on veganism. (I even had bouts of time when  was eating vegan)
- Started the 100 theme challenge (didn’t finish, but I was doing that for more fun just so I could keep writing my poetry)
- Began running like crazy. (I was that one crazy college kid that was always in the gym even though I’m not in a sport)
Yup… So I just general things that seem like fun and would be awesome to do. I don’t make resolutions to “completely change myself”. Fuck that. If people really want to change their outlook, they can do so any day, any time, any where. No need to wait for January 1st or monday ect. If you want it, do it.

This is what I put on Tumblr. It just irks me sometimes that some people are making all these resolution, and to the people with real intention behind it, more power to them; however, the ones that just feel that "It's a new year, so it's gonna be different now". No. It's not like the universe is just going to suddenly make everything easy just because it is now 2012.

This is why I am a proponent for people that start in the middle of the year or week or day. It doesn't matter when you start, just that you do. You are the same person you were yesterday... the only difference is what you do.

Enough of my rant. Sorry if this feels like a downer, but I'm a realist and I want people to do things because they want real change, not just cause it's a new year and everyone is saying "I want to lose weight"

happy new year!


Peridot (G+P) said...

You have a good point :D I tend to pick the new year to set overarching year-long things, coz if I start halfway through I start to freak out >.< (You'll see me picking the full moon or a solstice/equinox instead!)

I do hate those people who set goals just coz it's a new year and never try to achieve them. What's the fucking POINT, people???

OMFG congrats on winning the iPad! :D :D :D :D You deserve to win more stuff. Enter more contests!!!1!

I'd love to do a tea-trade, but I doubt our biosecurity laws would let me. I'll have a check though. I know it's a definite no-go for honey or some kind of fruits. Maybe we could do special coffee flavours instead? No bits of flowers&seeds for MAF/DOC/whoever to go mental about?

Lol, you two are international shoe-twins!

Hows the rocker? You still on or off or going 'WHEEEEEEE!'?

Love you, take care <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

Thank you for the tattoo compliment :)

Do you have ANY ideas about where to get the Sliver symbol done? I'm stuck inside a box and need help out. I'm thinking around bellybutton (AFTER any possibility of spawning is past) or around ankle or above/below/around the one on my upper spine. I kinda want to save my back for a massive backpanel. Hmm maybe left forearm and work up to a sleeve? GAH!


Do you have ink? Are you planning any? Do share. Share aaaaall!

I hope you're having a fun warm weekend. Stay safe, ok?