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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moving on and unexpected epiphinanies

I felt that my moment of struggle and stupidity might help someone right now and if it does, than I know that my life is not lived in vain.

So last night after studying a bit for my spanish final (first college final EVER) I decided to watch a movie with some other girls in my suite. We watched some movie that I can't remember the name to, but if you know of "Turnip Head" that is the movie I'm talking about. (Comment to tell me what the name is if you know it) Well during that time I kinda of, sort of, binged.

Ok. So I'm positive it was a binge, and I even knew it when it was happening. Fuck I was so pissed off at myself and I'm still a little irked, but I realized just like I tell others, it has passed.

*30 minutes later*

OMG! I feel so add but I have just been doing some research on a tattoo epiphany that has just hit me. It sprung up from the fact that I binged.

Yes it has passed and that's what I was telling myself when I was on the elliptical for and hour. (I would have been on the elliptical regardless if I binged or not yesterday). It's gone. All I have is today to work to my goal.

I just wanted to let you all know that what ever crap is going on in your life "This too shall pass". You are what you repeatedly do so don't let on or ever a few crappy days to undo all your hard work.

Stand tall.

- Vizzy

p.s. that tattoo epiphany I had is that I want to get "This too shall pass" on my inner foot. I am so excited, but it's turning to winter, so I'm not sure when I can get it done...

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Peridot (G+P) said...

Woot new ink!

I re-realised yesterday that this putting it off to tomorrow bullshit just doesn't work. You only ever have today, right now, this moment to work towards your goals and dreams, and if you keep putting that shit off you'll never get anywhere.

The past is the past and we should let it lie there instead of stewing on it and letting it destroy this moment.

Lol, I found those vadgecakes when I was looking at the cupcakes tag on tumblr. You guts do some amazing things with them! They've only just started working their way into our cafe cabinets in the last year with the RWC, lol. I guess all that icing frofrah is just to frilly for our 'she'll be right! Just get it down ya' attitude XD

My reaction was like:
WTF is that?
Lol, that's kinda epic, they got so many different kinds of vadge in there.
I wonder if I should make these for my Lez mate's Bday?

BACk to the tattoos, I've decided to get Kaylee's quote 'No power in the 'Verse can stop me' around my arm when I get my snake done there. Reminding me that the thing we fear most about ourselves is our own potential, and the only thing that really does have the power to stop us is ourselves.

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Good luck for Spanish!