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Monday, November 14, 2011

Library lockdown

It takes locking myself in the library in order for me to finish a paper. Now I know. I did this last night because as my first trimester in college is winding down the laws of disproportional work load has had an effect once again. All the work seems to have ended up in the last part of the term rather than the middle when I basically had nothing to do but read for class.

Oh well. I just have 3 papers (2 of which are in spanish), and 2 test separating me and my home in Texas. Can't wait to be back in my familiar coolish Texas winters rather than this colder Illinois climate. It's really not that bad, but I'll just have to REALLY  get used to it fast when I get back after break. That's when snow will be covering everything and I'll have to force myself to go out into the snow to go to classes next term :/ (It is possible that that may be the first term where I may or may not skip classes... don't judge me. I haven't had to deal with snow in 15 years.)

Anywho, I'm gonna try to work on these spanish essays then go to my dorm and watch Little Miss Sunshine because it is my favorite movie and will motivate me to finish this term strong.

P.s. went to the gym and feel amazing (I absolutely love regularly going to the gym because I get so many of my aggressions and frustrations out that way which means I've hardly self injured this term Yay! And I can actually start to see the muscle definition in my arms after 10 weeks of pretty consistent strength training along with my cardio.)

Until later,
- Vizzy


Peridot (G+P) said...

Exercise is a wonderful way to get rid of stress chemicals in your body. Also a way of producing endorphins that is much less damaging to your tattoo canvas :p

It takes about 3 months to start seeing real differences from a new workout routine, so you're right on track. Yay! :D

Oh I will have fun with the yarns, believe me! As soon as I've finished the pig I'm working on it will be into Christmas goodies and your warm winter gears :)

Stay warm. Love you!

AA said...

Hey! I absolutely love your blog :)

I agree about the gym being motivating - I've been feeling soo much better ever since I've made a real effort to work out properly. I'm glad that you've cut down on the SH - the gym is a much better way of expressing yourself and your frustrations, etc.
Hope your work is going well! By the way, I also call up alumni to raise funds - funny coincidence!

Much love,