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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Had an "experience"

Well, at my college we have a union board that likes to provide the students with things to do on some weekend. For example we've had bands play, talent shows, a step africa group. It's really fun usually; however, todays activity was just... very very interesting.

Tonight (well saturday the 15th) we had a paranormal investigator come and speak. His talk was really cool and informative. Then the first 40 people there got to go on a "ghost tour" with him after (needless to say I and my friends were in that 40). We visited the basement of a building and got to hear some spirits, but that wasn't as mind blowing as visiting the old jail.

In the Old Jail, we were mainly trying to contact one guy that was known to have hung himself while imprisoned. A lot of the responses were surprisingly clear answers to questions the investigator asked and even we asked. Then other spirits started talking through the recording. (Note that we gave NO information to the guy beforehand)

Well some spirits had things to say to some of us on the tour. One girls father who passed away because of a heart attack talked to her. Even one of my suite mates had a cousin that committed suicide and he was saying hi to her mother and that he felt stupid for killing himself.

I kept thinking that I wanted to talk to my grandpa because I still carry a lot of guilt for never getting to really know him and say goodbye. It wasn't until after he died that I learned how much he loved and protected me even when I wasn't aware of it (that REALLY makes me feel like shit and hate myself). Like I said I couldn't get the courage to ask to talk to my grandpa, but I heard my name! (If you know my name, you will know that it is not a normal name you hear everyday.) I also know I heard a lot of spanish which was basically all my grandpa could speak. So  I think he was trying to talk to me, but just like his dying days... I let fear get the best of me.

When I walked out, my friend asked what was wrong in spanish and I couldn't help but break down. I don't know if I necessarily believe in all of it, but how can you explain me HEARING my name? Wow. It has definitely been one very eye opening experience and if forced me to once again think about all the shit I still carry from the death of my grandpa. I really miss him...

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this or do you not believe it? I am having some difficulty really trying to process it all.

- Vizzy

p.s. Some of the spirits were very sassy and funny. At one point the paranormal investigator asked if there were any spirits that wanted to cross over and why the guy who hung himself hadn't already crossed. new thing you hear on the device is "He's waiting for the rapture, you dick!" OMG! Some spirits have AMAZING senses of humor!

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Peridot (G+P) said...

I want to high five that ghost who came out with the comment about the rapture. Next time you're near, can you pass it on to them for me? Just think it loud at them, they'll hear ;)

I don't see spirits but I can feel them sometimes. At Dan's farm his Grandad haunts the family house. He was always watching me when I was upstairs, and Uncle Dale saw him downstairs once. I think he was making sure the kids didn't get up to mischief, lol. It was very creepy, especially when you were getting ready for bed and he was standing in the doorway. He'd not come in if you shut the door though.

*Internet hugs* Love you