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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Besides dying tomorrow

Well once again Harold Camping has made his new and improved calculations for the rapture happening tomorrow.

Yippie! ... *That was sarcasm*

In a way, I kinda wish I could just be taken away in the rapture. I am so tired. Not exactly physically or mentally tired, but emotionally. Not only does tomorrow bring about the end of the world *allegedly*, but it brings my fucking birthday.

Do I care about getting older, not really *yet*, it's just that life makes it's way of going down hill for the rest of the year. It's fucking clockwork. EVERY. YEAR.

In my head I'm planning strategic cutting places cause I know it'll most likely come to that. (p.s. I cut last monday after being clean for about 16 weeks -__-)

Does the rest of the world live like this? This can't be a normal life, because why would anyone go through this?



Peridot (G+P) said...

OMG RAPTORS my flat isn't raptor proof. It could maybe withstand one round of zombies if I took out the stairs, but raptors? FUCK NO! The fuckers could smash right in through the bedroom window XD

I don't care about getting older. I'm surprised every time I make it to another birthday. (25, what the crap? Where's my medals for survive 1/4 century in this head??)

I make contingency plans in case I survive the next round of suicidal insanity. I have no fucking idea how normal people manage to live just assuming they'll live. I simultaneously live in a stupor of routine and don't take each day for granted. It's the mental equivalent of hydrogen and oxygen. Completely inert until it blows up in your face.

I'm following your instructions of tea and bed, gym is on in the morning. I took today off to recover from grocery.

Have you heard Tim Minchin's song "Not Perfect"? You should listen to it. It always makes me snicker a bit.

Do you have a Uni postal address yet? Imma making you a pressie. Do you want a stylish earflap hat to keep your noodle warm in the frozen north?

Lots of love and Internet hugs <3

Peridot (G+P) said...

That was officially the BEST birthday wishings I ever got!


Hmmm, so I'll cast on extra at the beginning to take your Epic Hair into account :) Do you think an extra 2 inches will do? OMG think of how insulated and warm your head will be! *Dies of envy*

Love you, hope you're doing well!


P.S = AMAZING for NaNo and assignments! (Use the web app, but don't forget to save it before you exit the screen!)