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Monday, June 27, 2011

We are warped!

       Well hello hello there! I come to you a bit tanner and a bit more tired.

       I would like to call this past weekend a very busy one. On friday, I unexpectedly was invited to a house party. I decided to go with my best friend (remember the skinney one that I'm kinda jealous of... yea her) and my guy friend, I'll call him "Danny" her on blogville. He is working as my teacher intern this summer and he's going to the same college as me next year so we've been talking more that we had before.

      At the party it was a typical small get together with the purpose of some of the people wanting to be drunkin bloody idiots. Only a few can manage to seem like they have a brain while buzzed. (I don't drink... i just don't understand the point of it personally). After a while someone busted out his ipod so we could start dancing. We were all just dancing and having a good time and then one guy was leading me with the intention of turning me around so we could grind. (Could someone PLEASE give me some "bitch lessons" so I can learn to say no and not care what the guy thinks.) When all that happened I felt weird because my friend Danny was there but he didn't really know any one like I or my best friend did.

     Anywho, I drove Danny and my friend home and I stayed the night at my bff's. The next morning we woke up sooo freaking early so that we could go to Warped Tour! That's were I managed to get my tan back, because I must admit that I have been quite pale. The best band of the day, imho, was 3Oh3. I love them because they are from my home town, Denver, CO and their music is so much fun and catchy.

Sunday was left for me to catch up on MUCH needed sleep.

Ahhhh. These weekends don't happen often, but they are fun while they last.

until next time,

p.s. After warped tour, my best friend was texting Danny on MY phone and I think she has tried to set us up... ugh! He's a cool guy, but I'm just not attracted to him in that way. Well maybe it'll just be us hanging out as "friends" and not turn into anything else because other wise, him working as my intern in Mexico next month will be REALLY awkward, not to mention 4 years of college. FML.


Peridot (G+P) said...

With Danny I'd say your friend should back off a bit. Sure you tow may make a cute couple, but you have to Intern together AND go to the same Uni! Hellooooooo Friend Zone XD I personally am hoping things happen, but in their own time after a good solid friendship base is formed :p

If someone tries to hit on you and you DON'T want them to, tell them so and don't worry about hurt feelings! If they're a good bastard they'll be ok with it, if they're an insecure tosspot they'll act like a dick and try to make you feel bad. It lets you sort the blokes worth hanging around with in future from the ones you're better off not having in your life :)

I am being safe, I promise. Taking my meds, doing the dishes and emptying the rubbish bin, lol!

Love you. I hope the coming weekend is JUST as epic!


Peridot (G+P) said...

What really gets on my tits is that up until now they're been really awesome! In any given gym session I'll be working out alongside anyone! Pro athletes and body builders,that cranky old relieving teacher, mums, dads, businesspeople, grandparents people fresh out of surgery, you name it: they're there. They've had unfit trainers before, but I think it's because ALL her excess weight goes straight to her hips and ass that they're getting cranky.

Wow, only 375 first years? 0.0 Fuck me sideways!

Love you, I hope you're well!


Peridot (G+P) said...


You typoed 'fan-fucking-tastic, epic cyber-hug' in your comment, but I'll let it slide :p