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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Work, work, work

     Hello my beautiful people! I can only hope that things are going well for you all, if not, I hope to be a distraction. :)

     So, it has been a crazy busy time since I've graduated. I went to so many of my friends graduations. Some were pleasant and too the point, others were drawn out so long I wanted to pull out my eye lashes. Never the less, I enjoyed being able to support my friends in this momentous occurrence.

     Then just this past friday, I got to go to a group of friends party they had for graduation. THAT was fun! I danced so much XD My feet were upset with me afterward, but it was worth it! I love my heels and I love dancing.
Then last night I went to another party, but didn't dance as much :( It was more of her family, so it was kinda awkward to do any dance other than the group dances like the Cupid Shuffle. Still great to hang out with her.

So, now I know it seems like it's been forever since I've updated on my weight loss. I can say that it has been a very VERY slow occurrence. I know they say this is how it's supposed to be 1-2lbs a week, but it's ANNOYING! I hate feeling so fat when I'm with friends, ESPECIALLY clothes shopping. Ugh!

Well now me and my best friends get to be the teachers for a summer program so we gonna make some good money before college :) I'm the math teacher. I kinda don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'll fake it till I make it ;D

Well, I'll stop annoying you.

Until next time

p.s. Della, if your reading this I emailed you but at first it kept telling me that there was a mess up in your email address. Then when you gave me the new one I emailed you, but have gotten no response in return :(


Peridot (G+P) said...

OMG I hate when people draw out formal things D: There should be a time limit on speeches, enforced with a blunt object *growls*

Lol, sweaters? Honest?

I am safe, I promise.

Love you <3

Peridot (G+P) said...


Bahahahahaha, yarngasm? You should see the shit I got cheap the other day?

Luffles you! Hope you're having a good weekend!

Peridot (G+P) said...


They don't show the original Skins in the USA for the same reason they don't sell the original Harry Potter books there. The majority of Americans can't understand foreign accents or dialects other than Canadian :/
I once saw an NZ doco on the Taiaroa Head Albatross Colony that had English subs for an American audience. . . and the subtitlers had spelled 'Otago' wrong. Epic fail!
I hope you're doing well. Hugs and love from me and Dralion <3