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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey there.

Guess what?

I'm done! Friday night I graduated!

I only almost tripped once when going down the stairs XD It could have been quite an even to fall on my face at my graduation :P

I have many pictures and here's one of me and a friend in our cap and gowns.

Afterwards, some of the parents had planned a secret after gaduation party for us. They took us to Pappasitos for dinner, but I really didn't eat because there was no vegetarian option. Then we went to this funhouse place. That was some fun having all of us acting like kids once again XD Finally we went to a guys house where there was a light breakfast and they gave us some gifts. Every senior got a monogramed laundry bag, iHome portable speakers, and a small waste basket filled with college necessities.

Then there was the BIG gift. Every senior had a chance to win prizes such as 26' Vizio tv, Ray Ban sunglasses, an amazon kindle, money, gas gift cards, and iPad2.

Well did you know that my luck was up that night... erm morning because I won a freaking iPad2!!!!!!!!!! It's crazy... I still don't know how I won it.

well... that's most of my eventful weekend right there. I'll put some pics up of me in my dress w/o the gown because i love it :)

Until next time,


Peridot (G+P) said...


I'm also still having gleespasms over that iPad! Do you have any idea what apps you're going to get? Games? Ooooooh you can download books and use it as a kindle! (They have an option for turning off the backlight so it doesn't root your eyes)

Thank you so much for the awesome advice <3 I chugged down several cups of tea last night and fully overheated myself XD

I'm about 1,600 through the Bushido now. out of 300 I figure 300 each for intro and conclusion and waffle for a bit from this book I have and essay 1 is DONE! :D

I got your YouTube PM. Thank you so much :D I'll msg you back there XD I have some cool crafty ideas that may have to wait until after exams. Grrrrr! Stupid Uni stressing me half to death then cramping my style!

Love you <3

dayofmine said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Thats really awesome! Go you.

PerfectingMyEmptiness said...

that is such a big step...i am proud of you. You are a true survivor. Because of you, i love facebook, take good care of your beautiful soul and body.
I love you