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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

abc... it's easy as 123.

Well it was brought to my attention that I didn't quite explain what the ABC diet is exactly, and for that, I can only apologize.

It is basicly a 50 day calorie limited schedual. It isn't easy so you must be dedicated and willing. It is designed to trick your metabolism because each day's calories are different and causes quick and major weight loss. If you binge on one day, fast the following day. You can switch a couple of the days round if needs be (social event, sports practice etc.). If you seriously keep messing up, start again. 

Here are the days. You can eat up to what ever amount of calories are allotted for that day.

I'm now on the "week 2" 150 calorie day.

On yesterdays fast. Everything went surpassingly well. I left the house with 2 thermoses, one with coffee and one with tea. The idea was just to use those two 0 calorie beverages to stand in place of breakfast. My friends have stopped asking me about lunch because I tell them "I'd rather sleep in than wake up earlier to make lunch. Plus I dan''t by because I'm saving my money for Vans Warped Tour." Then my mom surprised  us and bought pizza. UGH! I had to just take some to my room and then trash it :/ (I just wish it was never bought rather than it being wasted, but it's better than me eating it)

My weight is dropping which is AMAZING, but I'm really really trying to stay away from the scale, because my brain is never satisfied so it can trigger me to binge.

I'm make some tea :)

Later my lovelies,


sweet pea. said...

i gave you an award, by the way. come by and see.

sweet pea. said...

=) yep.