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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunger Point Book Review

Hello hello hello....

Sorry there must be an echo in here :P

So how have you all been? I hope you are all doing really well on this fine memorial day weekend.

One thing I feel really great about this last week is what I've done. So you all know how I have been horrible about my exercise during the school year. It's was just awful. I'm even gonna be very honest. Because I wasn't exercising as much as I was last summer, I put on 10 lbs. I KNOW! *sigh*
But I've been scraping off that weight slowly now, but it is so freaking slow. Plus it has been SOOOOOOO fucking hot that running in the garage is like running in hell! But lat thursday I decided to was the car AND push mow the lawn! It took 3 hours but when I calculated the cals burned I was amazed. It was about 1000! Woot! So, start mowing the lawn :P

On a sad note, I think my metabolism is dead. I swear I think it just found a nice dark corner in my body and decided to die!

I've been thinking about shaking things up. Has anyone tried to eat "mini meals" through out the day? because with me I just tend to avoid food and then maybe eat diner so my family won't get suspicious. The last thing is to be found out when I'm still huge :S

So what do you all do? I need something new.

--------- Moving right along to the next topic ---------

I swear I am not a lier! and here is the proof. I HAVE in fact made a review of Hunger Point by Jillian Medoff.... but I made it a video review. The thing is so ashamed of my weight that I feel very hesitant about linking the video here.... I know it's completely stupid for me to think that, especially since yall can't even see my body in the video.

Ugh. Sometimes I hate my brain so much. None the less, you can watch my review here:

Well I guess that's all for now.

Love you all


BlAnCh said...

i wanna read the book now... u make it sound awesome :D
i feel super self conscious with videos etc too :( i recken when we've lost all our weight we should make a video just to prove a point! :P
good to see u disordered one
love uuu :)

InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

Do it :) Or watch the movie.

Hell, when I make it to my UGW. I will definitely make a vid showing the fruit of my labor.

BlAnCh said...

i watched it. its sooo good! i love that movie now. XD

jillian medoff said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your video review. (I tried to post another comment but it didn't work, so if this is a repeat, I apologize.) I am deeply flattered, and am so thrilled you liked the book.

You're a beautiful girl, and I wish you much luck and much love.
xox jillian medoff (it's meh-doff, like eh, she's okay)

InvisibleDisorderedOne said...

Jillian Medoff,


Sorry for saying your name wrong :S

Thank you for taking the time to comment. Also thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with the world!

You've made my day so much better than how it began!