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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I hope all of you are having a good Sunday night (or a: good [insert appropriate phrase here]).

I have to be honest because I hate people that put on fronts. I'm not doing so hot. I am to the point of considering to go to my University's counselor office. I would have to make an appointment, then actually go, then actually talk.

I don't think I can do all that, especially the talk to a stranger about stuff part.

Oh well. I really just came here to tell everyone that is not doing well like me that you are most certainly NOT alone. I know I feel super alone and like I have no one to talk to and I don't want any of you to feel the way I do right now.

It sucks! Eating disorders are not fun and games. They are lonely and bitches.

- Vizzy


Peridot (G+P) said...

If you need to, go do it.

Sometimes it's good to just offload to a neutral third party. Sometimes it's good to find someone who has access to tools and resources you didn't know of.

I'd say go give it a shot.

(I won't say it can't hurt, coz I got some pretty fucking stupid counsellors at Otago)


Maybe we could have a skype chat some time? What's your timezone? I'm GMT+12. I don't want you to be all alone-feeling when you don't have to be!

Lol, I'm so incredibly jealous of chicks who have had asses gifted to them by their genes. I've had to work my butt on over years of living in a hilly city and many, many sets of hamstring curls. I'm proud of my ass, coz I see so many other white chicks here who have nothing to put in the ass of their jeans and it makes me sad. I like nice butts!

I have the yarn to make you hat, but I keep running out of time to cast it on. This week I have about 2 hours of car trip AND knitting squad, so it will have at least the earflaps done by the end of the week! Ugh, this Real Life thing sucks total balls sometimes!

Take care and stay warm.


Peridot (G+P) said...

It's a game with the best reawrd: Pretty yarn!

Hmmm, I'll try to find a timezone chart, or see if I can get the timezone app on my phone working. It's a realtime java map of the earth with current timezones! eeeeee!

Love you to bits <3

Leigh said...

You're not alone. ED does suck and it makes you feel lonely, but you're not alone. Not really. I feel like this all the time but getting into the blogging community is starting to open my eyes. It's so weird and scary to realize that there are other people out there doing the exact same things I do.

It's hard to open up to a stranger, but it can be liberating too. It can't try to hurt, can it?