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Monday, December 19, 2011

We all have our... quirks.

I've been a shit blogger as of recent and I apologize deeply for that. I have really utilized this winter break at home only for sleeping, reading, running, and various other little things. Do know though that I do keep updated with all of yalls blogs, so that makes up some I suppose :)

Over all I have been feeling kinda down, and that was even before my great aunt died two days ago. I guess now if anyone notices, I could just blame it on that. I wasn't really close to her because I rarely ever saw her, but it's always sad to lose someone in the family.

Everyone has his or her own way of dealing with it. Here are two polar opposite examples: My mother gets pissed off. She will just get pissed off and make you feel at fault (or maybe I'm just projecting that). I hate it. I can't deal with intense emotions, wether they are mine or not. So when my mother is yelling it makes me feel like I'm 10 again and I must obviously be at fault.

I on the other hand turn in on myself. I lock myself in my room. Read, but the only interaction I really have with the world is through the internet. Pathetic, but I can't stand to just be in the living room with my mother there. Needless to say, we don't have a very strong mother daughter relationship....

Well to end this on a lighter note, I finished the novel Triangles by Ellen Hopkins today.
Oh my gosh this is one amazing piece of literature! If you have not read any of her books and you can handle more mature subject matter I highly recommend Mrs. Hopkins first ever adult novel. I don't have any of the issues that are in this book, yet she opened my eyes to some things that most writers theses days are to afraid to shine a light on.
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