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Monday, November 8, 2010

The simple letters...

A B C...

I'm fed up. I skipped school because I've been feeling so fucked up, depressed, fat ect.

I'm doing the ABC. I tried last year, but failed on day 5 because I went to a birthday party and obviously didn't meet the number of cals.

I need you all to keep me accountable.
I'm just telling you all because I know I will feel like more of a piece of shit if you all know I fail.

Here goes nothing.



Holly said...

dont screw it up :)
u can do it
i swear if i fail one more time i think ill just go live on the streets where i can lose the weight the hard way....
we gotta do it this time
u keep me accountable too hey
i duno if i can do abc...
i duno if i can do anything
but im comforted knowing im not the only one begging for one success and one less mess up
love u viz x

InvisibleDisorderedOne said...


You can do whatever you feel comfortable with. Wether that is just calorie restriction, exercising half your calories off ect. That way if you feel like YOU are choosing it, bingeing won't be an option :)