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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Should I crawl out of this whole I have been stuck in?


Ok, so about 2 weeks ago i resolved to lose the weight I had gained since the beginning of this school year. It went well and lost about 6lbs in a week :) (I must admit that I was happy about that)

Then I started bloating this week (probably just hormones, but my fucked up mind won't accept that). Also I started having this insatiable hunger and had less time to work out. To make matters worse, the batteries on the scale are dead so I have NO clue what I weigh which is making me really anxious, depressed and just fed up with life.

Meh. I'm tired of complaining.

I finished the Hunger Games a while ago. It truly is a good book. I love how I could imaging the scenes like a movie in my head.

Read it! I deamand you... ok ok, I ask you nicely to read it. :)

Now I'm reading Catching Fire, which is the second book of the Hunger Games series.

Let me just say, I think Peeta is such a whimp. Jeeezee. He needs to man up, and stop whining.

He's got nothing on Gale if you ask me ;D

Well I'm gonna knit some baby hats and watch Criminal Minds.

Hope yall's weekend is going well.

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Holly said...

that is awesome... a lot of people speak spanish... its one of the worlds most popular languages.... i wanna learn italian as well... when i get round to it
i have heard that the hunger games is fantastic... i should read it :)
love xx