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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello lovlies,

I know I haven't been hear in FOREVER! I deeply apologize. *Bows*

ok. I'm still fat, big surprise... :/
but good thing is I haven't cut or purged in about 4 weeks! I never thought I could make it that long.

So, I was taking economics to make space for photo I next year. Well I ended up getting a 94. Woop!

Then I had a week off. During this week I got to intern with a group I'm in. I'm interning with the guy who teaches math, my best friend will intern with the girl that teaches language arts. Everyone in the program is there basicly because they are smart, but underprivileged, so the program puts them in private schools. Hense how I'm in the private school I'm in.
Well,  I have fallen in love with those kids! They are so smart and cute. I feel really bad though cause I had to stop for 2 weeks to take American Gov to make room for photo II. That class SUCKS! i have a test every fucking day about 4 chapters :S. So as if my perfectionism isn't only getting annoyed there, but I feel bad that I'm not interning. I don't get to help the math teacher as much as I'd like.

*sigh* You all are probably SOOOOOO confused. Tell me if you don't understand.

Any who, it's time I tell you about my big summer  plan. The reason i'm interning is because I, my bff, the language arts teacher, the math teacher, and the head lady of the program are all going to ACAPULCO, MEXIO next month. There is another section of the group down there, with the same mission of helping underprivileged kids.

I'm really scared about the eating situation. The parents make food lunch for everyone. It'll be really hard to get past that, but I will try my darn hardest. and on thursday nights for dinner were supposed to try new restaurants together :S

but other than that i'm responsible for my food. But I'm still living in an apartment with 2 guys and 2 girls.

Any good advice?


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Dreams.and.Bones. said...

congrats on not cutting and purging! that's such a huge accomplishment! and you seem so motivated, getting awesome grades and whatnot so you can take the photo classes :)

good luck on your trip - i was just thinking maybe you'll be really active there? i don't know what kind of volunteer work you'll be doing, but perhaps if you're extra active then it will be okay to eat a little more than normal? just a thought. have a lovely day :D