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Tuesday, October 13, 2009



I have been having the worst fucking weeks yet! Basicly it starts when my mom bought stuff to make the no bake cheesecake.
This wouldn't really be a problem if it weren't some other food, but I'm addicted to cheesecake. No Joke...
It's that bad.
Well after diving into that for the past few days I have reached the resolve to not eat a morsel more of it. (I don't even give a &*%$ if my mom decides to make it for my birthday next week.)

For the past few days I've been having sever bouts of depression so I happened to cut myself last night. :( I hope it goes away because I'm walking around my school feeling like a freaking zombie who is out of her body and on the brink of tears. Ugh. I hate feeling so vulnerable. Being depressed and keeping it in is what I usually do, but lately it has just been spilling over.

Well I got to go to bed because I have the PSAT tomorrow :(
Wish me luck... I think I'm really going to need it.


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